Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain one as we grow up. – Pablo Picasso I’ve always loved this quote.  But I’ve sometimes struggled to really put my finger on why. Initially I suppose I liked it because it conjured for me an image of a joyfully uninhibited child artist wandering freely from one thought to another, seeing infinite possibilities in her work and exhibiting a freedom that few adults seem to have the luxury to indulge. Now however, I find myself re-reading this quote

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about “fit”. Not “fit” like how well my clothes fit, though as the holidays near with their never-ending opportunities for overindulgence I am somewhat obsessed by that type of fit too. Today however, I’m referring to finding the right fit in an environment. Like, for instance a college environment. My first born is in the midst of the college application process. If you’ve had the dubious distinction of enduring this unique and insidious form of torture sometime in the last few years then you

  We all get stuck from time to time. We get stuck in jobs we hate, in relationships we’ve outgrown, in routines that bore us and in habits we know we should break. The list goes on. At some point we realize we need to fix it. We NEED to make a change. -But then the question becomes, how? Well, I’ve found the key  to making a change is to start by changing your story. I know. You’re thinking, I came here for help. WTF are you talking about? A

Hey Peeps! I’m baaaaaaaaaack with a totally fab, brand spankin’ new site filled with tons of great stuff to help you stay dialed in on just the things that matter to you – work, play, life, or just a little inspiration. You’ll find it here! So, why the change? Well, why not! Who doesn’t love to redecorate every once in a while? Of course there’s that and, I needed more space to give you more great stuff and my tumblr site just wasn’t the place to do it. But most

Blue Jeans (RAC mix) Me like. Remix by Andre Allen Anjos Original by Lana Del Rey

“Got a Meeting? Take a Walk” According to author and business innovator Nilofer Merchant the average person sits 9.3 hours a day, and she says all this sitting is killing us. She calls sitting “the smoking of our generation.” In this short video Nilofer suggests a simple idea that just might have a big impact on your life and health: Next time you have a one-on-one meeting, make it into a “walking meeting” – the fresh air will help fresh ideas flow. This short talk really resonated with me – I

“The Best Kept Secret in Networking” Looking for a new job? Maybe you need some good advice. If so, who will you call? Most of us naturally choose a good friend, someone with whom we feel close. But is that really the best person to reach out to?   Interestingly, research shows that tapping into good friends is probably not the most effective way to network. According to a well-known sociology study, people are 58% more likely to get a new job from a weaker connection than they are from

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” – Pablo Picasso #happybirthday #picasso

Jimmy Fallon and Edward Norton played “egg Russian roulette” on Late Night last night and it was kind of awesome. #fridayfun (Source:

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