The 8 Apps You Absolutely, Positively Must Have When You’ve Got to Get Stuff Done!

photo credit: William Iven

photo credit: William Iven

Ok so by now you probably know, I’m a total sucker for productivity hacks. If there’s an article about a way to do things faster or easier or a hack for getting more done in your day I’ve probably read it. Along the way I’ve come across plenty of things that didn’t work or just weren’t worth the money. Lucky for you, I won’t bore you with any of those here. I will however, share the 8 very best and cheapest apps (most are free) I’ve found and use whenever I absolutely, positively have to get stuff done!  – Which is pretty darn often.


  1. Wunderlist – What would a list of productivity tools be without a collaborative “to do” app? I know there are a lot of similar apps out there and I’ve tried a lot of them. But, this is my favorite so far. It’s where I keep my today list, my grocery list, my work stuff, my movies to see list, books I need to read list and a whole lot more. It’s easy to use, offers just enough customization without causing “feature paralysis” or providing too many annoying task reminders. Wunderlist allows you to collaborate with others on selected tasks if that’s something you’re into. And, it seamlessly syncs with your tablet and computer and is available on multiple devices.

Cost: Free


  1. Scanner Pro – Have you ever had someone ask you to send them a scanned photo or document but you didn’t have a scanner to create a pdf of the item to send? Well, worry no more. With this handy app you’ve got a scanner in your pocket! Scanner pro is a super easy little app that uses the camera on your iPhone to let you scan and create a clean pdf that you can then upload to iCloud storage, send as an email or text to others with just a couple taps.

Cost: $2.99


  1. FaxFile – If you’re like me you don’t have to send a fax very often but when you do it’s always such a pain in the neck because it means finding a Kinko’s, UPS store or someplace with a fax machine. And then, if the fax doesn’t go through the first time (which somehow seems to happen most of the time to me) you have to hang out while the machine attempts to re-send again and again until the document goes through. Well now, with FaxFile you can send a fax right from your phone. FaxFile lets you send documents, JPGs and PDF files stored on your phone to any fax number in the US or Canada. This simple and reliable app doesn’t require you to set up an account or purchase a subscription, you just buy fax credits as needed from the iTunes or Google play store to cover the cost of sending your document. This service will also automatically retry faxes that don’t go through initially at no additional charge. In short, winner!

Cost: Free


  1. Tripit – This great little app helps you organize all your travel plans in one place. Just forward your travel confirmation emails for your flight, rental car, hotel, restaurant reservations etc. to and Tripit automatically creates a detailed itinerary of each upcoming trip that you can access from your phone – even when it’s offline. No more searching your inbox for individual confirmations. If you travel often I think you’ll find this to be a Godsend. Oh, you can also share your itinerary with others via email or on social media.

Cost: Free


  1. Uber – Is there another app that personifies the “I need it now” mentality technology has spawned more than Uber? This app has made hailing a car using your phone positively mainstream. If you haven’t tried it yet I think you’ll be amazed by it’s simplicity. Just download the app and set up an account (you’ll be asked to input a credit card to cover the cost of future rides) and you’re off. When you want a car you simply click on the app to request a car to your location. The app will tell you approximately how soon your ride will arrive (usually a matter of minutes) and the driver will call your phone to tell you when they’ve arrived at the location. Fares are paid with the credit card on file, and tip is included.

Cost: Free


  1. Dropbox – In a world in which we rely so heavily on our phones not just to communicate with one another but also to store important photos, documents and information and, to have the ability to share that precious data at a moments notice storage services are no longer just a “nice to have”, they are a “must have.” There are a bunch of decent services out there but if simplicity is what you’re after Dropbox is a great option. Dropbox is a secure, dependable service that automatically uploads photos and scanned documents. It also allows you to share docs with others and syncs easily with multiple devices.

Cost: The app is free. The first 2GB of storage is also free. Need more                    storage? You’ll want to upgrade to Dropbox pro for 1TB of space for $9.99           a month or $99 a year.


  1. Opentable – When I’m traveling in an unfamiliar area, planning a get together or just looking for something new or different, Opentable is definitely one of my go to apps. This free app will show you menus, give you reviews and photos of each of the restaurants included in it’s very expansive directory. In all I’ve found it be reliable and super easy to use. I wouldn’t leave home with out it.

Cost: Free


  1. Hootsuite – Are you using social media to build your business? Or to build your brand? Maybe you use it to connect with others. If so then you know that toggling between multiple apps to stay current, make updates and share posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin is time consuming and laborious. – Particularly if it’s something you’re obligated to do several times a day. This is where a social media management app like Hootsuite comes in. Hootsuite’s clean, easy to use interface let’s you stay up on all your social networking sites at once without having to switch between multiple pages. You can also use it to retweet, like, reply or schedule and send off posts, messages and updates to multiple social media accounts simultaneously from one simple dashboard screen.

Cost: free

Well there you have it! Hope you found these helpful! If there’s something you’re using and loving, please share! We’d all appreciate it!


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