“Things I hate. 1. Boring Business blogs 2. Lame attempts at Humor  3. Lists. – Especially Lists.” Why do I detest lists so much? Because. They’re unexciting. And, gimmicky. And over-used.  And well, all sequential and business-y and stuff. Therefore, I vow, dear reader, to spare you the pain of reading another dull list. Err, well,  until after this post of course. But, this one isn’t dull. I promise. It’s essential. Trust me, you need this. – Particularly, if you’re starting a business. You see, a lot of people who start companies

“When ‘Small’ is Not Enough” Do you have a small business that you want to be bigger? Do you ever find that servicing your current clients consumes so much of your day that you’re left with little or no time to work on growing your business? If so, consider this. Try raising your prices! You heard me. Do it. Now. Right now. Sound crazy? Scary? – Maybe even counter-intuitive? Here’s the thing: While the price of your service establishes a value for what you do, that value doesn’t have to

I totally have too many shoes… said no woman ever. #justsayin

  This is just a snippit of a must-read slideshow presentation in which Reid Hoffman answers the age old question of “What should I do with my life?” This should be required reading for all students.

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