Ok so by now you probably know, I’m a total sucker for productivity hacks. If there’s an article about a way to do things faster or easier or a hack for getting more done in your day I’ve probably read it. Along the way I’ve come across plenty of things that didn’t work or just weren’t worth the money. Lucky for you, I won’t bore you with any of those here. I will however, share the 8 very best and cheapest apps (most are free) I’ve found and use whenever

Of course you’ve heard that in her day Jackie O was known as a style icon and a person of exceptional elegance and grace. But did you also know that she was also known for her skill at writing moving personal notes and correspondence?  According to biographers, Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis deftly used her trademark light blue stationary and loopy script to pen notes that charmed heads of state like President Charles De Galle, consoled former Washington Post President Katherine Graham after her husband’s suicide, and

If you own a business you know that one of the biggest challenges a small business owner faces is branding building. You want to grow your business. To do that you need to sell more of your product or service. But, in order to sell more you need more exposure. Sounds simple, right? The challenge though for most of us is creating massive exposure for our product or service while remaining confined to a very limited marketing budget. We could try advertising in traditional media, whether it’s print or broadcast.

Over the years I’ve struggled both professionally and personally with the idea of worth. Professionally, I’ve sometimes wondered if I should consider discounting my price or settle for less in order to get more business. In my personal life I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of getting stuck in the thinking that I’m “just” a mom and by doing this I’ve unwittingly de-valued my role and contribution to my family and myself. Neither is good. I know. Though in defense I must say that professionally, I’ve found pricing one’s services is often

Have you ever struggled to come up with an effective “elevator pitch”?  One that you thought really captured who you are and the value you provide without saying too much or being too confusing? As Steve Jobs famously said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But sometimes trying to keep it short and sweet can be impossibly difficult. Especially when it comes to describing who we are and why we matter in just a sentence or two. For many people this can be paralyzing. After all, what if we leave out

Heat maps of viral content show what compels us to share. As the article’s authors Kelsey Libert and Kristin Tynski point out, “we are entering an era of marketing that is much more ambiguous, subtle, and not nearly as heavy-handed as it has been in the past. The good news is that there is ample opportunity for those who understand that engaging with audience means touching their hearts and contributing tangibly to their world.” Net net: things with emotional resonance get shared. See the full article here. (courtesy of

Is Marketing Really Just Common Sense? People often say marketing is simple; it’s just common sense. After all, the thinking goes if we can understand a person’s attitude towards a topic (or product or service) then we can predict their behavior.  For instance, if we know that a person likes top 40 pop music, and female singers in particular, then we ought to be able to make some predictions as to the music he or she will likely purchase. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing. Humans all too

  Is This The Grossest Advertising Strategy of All Time? Most of the time, targeted ads are pretty harmless. You searched for a flight to Denver? Here are some hotels in Denver. You looked for new running sneakers? Here are a few options. But a new “study” from marketing firm PHD recommends a strategy that crosses the line from merely targeted to outright predatory, explicitly advising brands to seize on the times of the day and week when women feel the most insecure about their bodies and overall appearance in order to

How Do We Incentivize High Performance? Profit v Purpose In this excerpt from his best selling book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us author Dan Pink shares some fascinating insights into the things that really motivate us at home and in the workplace. As Pink points out carrot and stick motivators may work for simple algorithmic tasks, but for more complex jobs that require creative thinking, studies show money is not an effective motivator. Interestingly, people engaged in these types of projects are more motivated by a sense

Fallacy: Size Matters. Do you run a small business? If so, do you ever worry that your prospects may view your businesses size as a weakness? Perhaps you fear that your prospects will associate small with a lack of experience, or resources? Well, guess what? You’re not alone. Most small businesses feel this way at some point, and then to compensate they seem to go to great lengths to try to give prospects the impression that they are “bigger” than they are with the hope that maybe the prospect won’t

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