As Teens Prove: You Can Know Everything and Nothing All At Once

photo credit: Jordan McQueen

photo credit: Jordan McQueen

Annabel Monaghan is a lifestyle columnist whose work appears regularly in The Huffington PostThe Week, and The Rye Record. She is also the author of two novels for young adults: A Girl Named Digit(2012), and Double Digit (2014). She is also the co-author of Click! The Girls Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen (2007). Annabel lives in Rye, N.Y., with her husband and three sons.

But, what you REALLY need to know is that Annabel has a special gift for finding the humor in just about any situation, like the dumb stuff our otherwise smart teenagers do on a daily basis. As a devoted reader I can personally attest that her column about life in the ‘burbs raising three boys is hilarious and so relatable!. Bottom line? Treat yourself. Here’s a sampling of her latest: ”My Teenage Sons are the Smartest People I Know. And sometimes the dumbest, too.

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