Recently while being interviewed Donald Trump awkwardly dodged a series of questions about the bible and one question in particular in which he was asked to name his favorite bible verse. He told the interviewer it was “too personal.” Needless-to-say this prompted people in the twittersphere and elsewhere to begin writing fake bible verses in “Trump Speak” and thus, the #trumpbible hashtag was born. You MUST check these out! – Sure to make you chuckle. => Fake Donald Trump Bible Quotes on Twitter Here are a just a few:

Could Blue Moon Really Be America’s Favorite Beer? A new survey claims Americans are in love with the tasteless Belgian imitator. But they’re certainly not voting with their wallets.  Read more.

“Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.” #lovethis

I totally have too many shoes… said no woman ever. #justsayin

Sir, your Squidward is Hanging Out. Sure, at Comic Con nobody bats an eye at him, but I wear that to the playground and suddenly I’m “violating my probation.” Ok I know, I digress. But tell me this didn’t make you laugh. (courtesy of tosh.o blog)

McCoy’s introduces wide chip bag for consumers large hands.   Adds Chris Ziegler, on Twitter: “The hand in this picture is completely terrifying ”   ..I’m thinking the next iteration is a funnel shaped chip bag  so consumers can avoid all that laborious grabbing and lifting. #justfun

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