“Don’t Take it Personally.” That is always easier said than done, don’t you think? Whenever someone ignores us, criticizes our work, or leaves us for a competitor, it sucks. And it feels personal. Even when we know intellectually that, “its just business.” The truth is though; you shouldn’t take it personally, because it’s not about you. It’s about them. It’s about what they (think they) want. It’s about what’s going on in their lives. it’s about their issues, motives or agenda. Do your best work. Give your customers the best

On Selling Bananas to Monkeys and Other Business Start-Up Tips. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s much easier to sell a banana to a monkey than it would be to try to convince a fish that bananas are delicious and they ought to eat them. Perhaps it could be done, but it sure would be time consuming and expensive. The same holds true for starting a business. Though, you’d be amazed by how many businesses have been created by super smart people with a naïve notion that the shear awesomeness

Sometimes, Even When It’s Not Broke, You Ought To Consider Fixing It. I know everything seems to be working fine. This isn’t a good time. There are a million other things your business needs to deal with first and besides, no one is complaining about the existing product or service. So why would you need to think about making a change? Given today’s uber competitive marketplace, you always need to be mindful that your customers are just one click away from the things they want when they want them. It’s

fred-wilson: a rebuttal to this nycgov: Mayor Bloomberg met with Y Combinator entrepreneurs in Mountain View, California about why they should start their companies in New York City. #entrepreneurship 

How San Francisco sees the universe. Guess somebody has to keep NY’ers in line. (via laughingsquid🙂

Hmm.. anyone else think this might create a little bit of a credibility issue? You can’t be too careful when delivering your message.  #thismuchIknow

Dear Small Business Owner, You’re not PepsiCo so why in the world are you wasting time and money shouting your message from the rooftops? PepsiCo has an annual marketing budget for their drink products alone that is over $1 billion! They can afford to use traditional marketing like print and broadcast media to broadcast their message over and over to a wide audience. They also have the resources and deep pockets to track the effectiveness of these methods. You? Not so much. But that’s ok. You just need to think

..Sometimes a clear and clever “low tech” message can be the most effective!

Big <3 for this clever Penn Station ad from the Phila. Tourism folks!

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