Hi I’m Jeanine-

Curious about me?

Well, here are the essentials.


  • An optimist
  • A boat-rocker
  • Author of THIS MUCH I KNOW blog

If you’re a follower of this blog you might be wondering where I’ve been? It’s all here.

If you’re a newbie you might be wondering what this is all about?

It isn’t just about divorce, cancer, loss etc. – some of the things I’m sorry to say I became intimately acquainted with the past few years. It’s more about what happened to me – and what I suspect happens to most people when they’re confronted with some of these harder, suckier parts of life.  Among the things I’ve found is that tragedy and personal suffering have a way of doing one of two things to a person. It either breaks you or, breaks you open to reveal to you more of your true strengths and self. In the process, I believe it will help you to become more of the person you were always meant to be.

So, what do I hope you get from this?

I hope you’ll take away some of the same things I did from going through this sh*t storm. The ability to let go of fear and the courage to listen to your gut. That voice inside you knows what you need to do and what is right for you alone. If we can learn to do this, I’m confident that we’ll see that no matter what happens next, we’ll be fine.

Where do we go from here?

It’s my aim that with future posts and the involvement of this community we can start a conversation around some difficult topics like fear, grief, forgiveness etc. After all, we learn so much from one another and the collective wisdom of our different experiences and perspective. We need each other. In good times and especially in bad. I promise to show up. Will you?


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