Phoenix news station is baking cookies on a car’s dashboard because it’s so hot.   Most “innovative” thing I’ve seen all day.

A brief world history lesson for the day. It all makes sense now doesn’t it?

Have you ever struggled to come up with an effective “elevator pitch”?  One that you thought really captured who you are and the value you provide without saying too much or being too confusing? As Steve Jobs famously said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But sometimes trying to keep it short and sweet can be impossibly difficult. Especially when it comes to describing who we are and why we matter in just a sentence or two. For many people this can be paralyzing. After all, what if we leave out

News Flash: It’s NOT About Balance. So much is made of striking a balance in our lives, whether it’s eating a balanced diet, striving for spiritual balance, or the constant struggle for work/life balance. And yet despite our every effort, are our lives ever really balanced? And is that the end game? The older I get the more I question this need to be “balanced”. Maybe it’s just a rationalization but I can’t help but feel that instead of worrying about balance in our lives we’d be better off focusing

We Gotta Give to Get. The strength, stability and richness of a community is absolutely dependent on each member of the community making a contribution. Each member has to give of themselves for the good of the community. When we hold back for our own advantage we not only weaken the community, we limit our own opportunities for success. The same holds true for businesses, teams, non-profits and families. We gotta give, in order to get. ..This much I know. -Jeanine

In more fun logo trivia.. This London Sperm Bank introduced a new logo to spur donations.  ..All I can say is, “they’ve got some balls." 

Your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break. Why? It’s the ultradian rhythm, a cycle that’s present in both our sleeping and waking lives.  That’s a perfectly good reason unplug and take a break. (via fastcompany)

The Corporate States of America, A Map of the Most Famous Brands From Each State. How many would you have gotten right? (via laughingsquid)

…I can’t figure out whether this is meant to be a) a public service announcement or b) birth control. In either case, someone should’ve given more thought to his personal brand, don’t you think? -Jeanine

We want to watch our favorite TV show when we want, and where we want. We want our purchases delivered to our door the same day we buy them. We want instant gratification. Even in business, we want huge profits and an abundance of customers immediately. Oh, and we want all that while working just four hours a week. It’s this kind of thinking that leads a lot of small businesses to consider marketing that casts a wide net by broadcasting a message to a large audience quickly.  Sure it can be

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