Buckle Your Chin Strap! I’m Baaaaaaack!

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Hey Peeps!

I’m baaaaaaaaaack with a totally fab, brand spankin’ new site filled with tons of great stuff to help you stay dialed in on just the things that matter to you – work, play, life, or just a little inspiration. You’ll find it here!

So, why the change? Well, why not! Who doesn’t love to redecorate every once in a while? Of course there’s that and, I needed more space to give you more great stuff and my tumblr site just wasn’t the place to do it.

But most importantly it’s because I learned a few things about this community of smart, educated, multifaceted people over the past couple years – what you want and need and well, my goal is to give it to you!

For instance I learned that like me, you’ve got lots of interests and that every aspect of your life is as important to you as your work – whether it’s family, fashion, play or personal interests. We all want to do work we love while also raising a family, training for a 10K, or taking a cooking class and trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to get through that novel that’s been on our nightstand for the past 3 months even though we can’t seem to stay awake long enough to get past the second chapter.

I also realized that while there’s certainly quite a lot that goes on in the world that I DON’T know, like how to change the oil in my car, or a second language, how to keep house plants alive, how “curling” became an actual sport, or why anyone chooses to be an accountant (though for the record I have nothing against you accountants it’s just beyond my skill set) and of course a whole lot more. I do know that we’re all striving to be better versions of ourselves and we’re all capable of success. I also know that success in A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G is a team sport! Sometimes we just need the tools, or a helping hand, or a community of supportive sistahs to help us get there!

So, because I know there isn’t enough time to manage all your work, family, personal responsibilities AND do the leg work to stay up on the latest books, blogs, new music and trends that matter to you I’ll do it for you! I’ll be your filter. And better yet, I’ll deliver it weekly right to your inbox.

You see, my goal is help you save time and, kick ass in life and work! So grab a glass of wine. I got you!

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