9 Simple Things Great Speakers Always Do Your main goal is to tell a story that will inspire your audience — who will then share it with others. GREAT tips here! Even if you’re already a great speaker it’s worth the reminder.

How Google Grades Employees, And How You Can Use The Same System At Your Company OKR is a simple system that helps a company organize and execute its goals. It starts at the top, and travels down the chain of command within a company. Check out this presentation – it’s SUPER useful for a co. or even for yourself. I use this myself and find it to be incredibly helpful in guiding me to set manageable short and long term goals and measure the results.

How often have you heard someone say; when applying to college we should go to the most prestigious school we can. When interviewing for a job we should work for the biggest name company with the most influence, and when playing a sport we should aim to play for the top team in the best league. The thinking being that if we want to be the best then we need to surround ourselves with the best. Seems logical doesn’t it? After all we know that being in an environment with

We want to watch our favorite TV show when we want, and where we want. We want our purchases delivered to our door the same day we buy them. We want instant gratification. Even in business, we want huge profits and an abundance of customers immediately. Oh, and we want all that while working just four hours a week. It’s this kind of thinking that leads a lot of small businesses to consider marketing that casts a wide net by broadcasting a message to a large audience quickly.  Sure it can be

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