Recently while being interviewed Donald Trump awkwardly dodged a series of questions about the bible and one question in particular in which he was asked to name his favorite bible verse. He told the interviewer it was “too personal.” Needless-to-say this prompted people in the twittersphere and elsewhere to begin writing fake bible verses in “Trump Speak” and thus, the #trumpbible hashtag was born. You MUST check these out! – Sure to make you chuckle. => Fake Donald Trump Bible Quotes on Twitter Here are a just a few:

This dumb sign was posted in the ladies room at the Twitter offices.  Hmm.. and the CEO of Twitter says the reason the don’t have any female board members is because they just haven’t found someone who was the right fit?! Perhaps if the next candidate showed up in a low cut blouse and holding a couple of beer steins she’d be the right fit. #kiddingnotkidding