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Nicki Minaj – Bossed Up! Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of her music, there is a lot of truth in what singer, Nicki Minaj has to say in this interview excerpt  about gender roles in the workplace and the challenges associated with being an entrepreneur and business owner.  You go girl! -Jeanine (Source:

Making Someone Feel Important.   “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” – Kathryn Stockett, The Help I love this line from, The Help. It’s so simple, and powerful. Did you know that feeling that we’re respected; in essence that we matter is the one quality we humans crave most in our interactions with others? We want to feel that we’re important. You know, when you think about it, making people feel that they’re important or that they have value is really such an easy thing to deliver

Sometimes, Even When It’s Not Broke, You Ought To Consider Fixing It. I know everything seems to be working fine. This isn’t a good time. There are a million other things your business needs to deal with first and besides, no one is complaining about the existing product or service. So why would you need to think about making a change? Given today’s uber competitive marketplace, you always need to be mindful that your customers are just one click away from the things they want when they want them. It’s

fred-wilson: a rebuttal to this nycgov: Mayor Bloomberg met with Y Combinator entrepreneurs in Mountain View, California about why they should start their companies in New York City. #entrepreneurship 

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