Of course you’ve heard that in her day Jackie O was known as a style icon and a person of exceptional elegance and grace. But did you also know that she was also known for her skill at writing moving personal notes and correspondence?  According to biographers, Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis deftly used her trademark light blue stationary and loopy script to pen notes that charmed heads of state like President Charles De Galle, consoled former Washington Post President Katherine Graham after her husband’s suicide, and

I found this article and wanted to share with you all! After all, it may not come easy, especially if you’re quiet by nature but there are times when you’re going to HAVE TO step out and shout about your talents and accomplishments. The key is doing it – without- bragging. One important ingredient? Instead of highlighting how you’re better than others, emphasize how you’re better than your own past.  For instance, have you noticed the dramatic improvement in the quality of this newsletter over the last year? Check it out here: The

So much has been written about finding a job or career you love. It’s become something of a cultural obsession, kind of like uncovering the professional Holy Grail. Honestly, who among us hasn’t thought, wouldn’t life be great if I could work at something I really enjoyed and in turn I became super successful doing it? I must admit I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time over the course of my professional life trying to solve this riddle. No doubt, like some of you I thought, gosh, if I could

  Going on vacation can increase employees’ job performances by up to 40% when they return. Read why the most productive employees are the ones who take a break:

8 Illegal Interview Questions and How to Answer Them While you may end up being asked the standard “what is your weakness” question at a job interview, a sneaky employer may try to slip in some questions that are illegal to ask, in order to gain some possibly sensitive information. (via Business Insider) (Source:

“Spoiler Alert: All Decisions are Emotional” Years ago, while working for a large corporation I was asked (along with a few other colleagues) to review candidates for a plum new management position at our company. After interviewing a large group of individuals our team narrowed the search to two strong candidates. On the whole the two were really quite similar. Both were well qualified. Each had extensive experience, each had an impressive track record of success and each was well respected by his peers. One of the two candidates it

“The Best Kept Secret in Networking” Looking for a new job? Maybe you need some good advice. If so, who will you call? Most of us naturally choose a good friend, someone with whom we feel close. But is that really the best person to reach out to?   Interestingly, research shows that tapping into good friends is probably not the most effective way to network. According to a well-known sociology study, people are 58% more likely to get a new job from a weaker connection than they are from

What Do YOU Want? Your career should be something that gives you meaning and fulfillment; something that excites you; something that provides a feeling of accomplishment, pride and a sense that you’re making a positive impact. A career that provides freedom and flexibility where the only limits are those you set for yourself.

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability Ok, I know this sounds all new age-y but wait, this is a TED Talk worth checking out! In one of the most watched TED Talk’s of all time (11 million plus views), academic and best selling author Brene Brown’s shares the results of her research and her insights on human connection. She’s a sought after speaker to multinational corporations and her work has even been embraced by the American military.   In this funny and insightful talk Brene tells us that to

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