Congratulations, Ohio! You Are the Sweariest State in the Union There’s a relatively long tradition, in the field of data visualization, of tracking the way we swear. This makes sense. Not only is it fun to track, but cursing is also conveniently specific as a data set; you’ve got your f-bombs and your double hockey sticks and your bodily functions, and, factoring in their permutations, you’re good to go. Plus, you don’t need much sophisticated sentiment analysis to ensure that your data are accurate: An f-bomb is pretty much

So true. To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will

Beautiful. Jasmine Thompson | Fidelity ( Regina Spektor cover) Holy smokes. Jasmine is 13 years young. 

“Great ideas alter the power balance in relationships. That’s why great ideas are initially resisted.” More biz wisdom from Gaping Void.

  Absolutely brilliant cartoon by Randy Glasbergen, explaining in modern terms why we have books. 

  Yum. NONONO | Scared Nice Massive Attack vibe going on here. 

#justcuz When a frustrated college freshman wrote Einstein in 1951 to ask him what the point of living is if humanity is constantly waging wars, this is what Einstein sent her back. Also see Einstein’s answer to a little girl’s question about whether scientists pray.

  Sometimes I think we forget that you can be an entrepreneur without starting a tech co. Here’s a great little interview with the founder of a micro-manufacturing co. in San Fran. that makes messenger bags. Have at it! “There’s a whole different side to being an entrepreneur, which is being a small business person,” stated Rickshaw Bagworks Founder and CEO Mark Dwight (MBA ’89). Rickshaw Bagworks sews and sells custom messenger bags in San Francisco. Watch Dwight discuss why micro-manufacturers are the future of American manufacturing:  (Source:

  They’re there to stop the other people. Ever since I read Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture, I have considered this to be one of my favorite and most inspiring quotes. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

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