Awkward.. Female company president: “I’m sorry to all the mothers I worked with”


PowerToFly President Katharine Zaleski admits: “I didn’t realize how horrible I’d been – until I had a child of my own.” (Fortune magazine)

“I still am embarrassed by this memory. Five years ago I walked into an office on the twenty-fifth floor of the Manhattan headquarters of Time Inc. (which ownsFortune.) I was there to meet with’s then managing editor and pitch a partnership idea, but once I took a seat and surveyed the endless photos of her small children spread across the airy space, I decided this editor was too much of a mother to follow up on the idea.”

Ouch. So awkward.  And brave. Kudos to this woman for having the courage to step up and say these words now. Makes me think, wouldn’t it be great to see more people – of both genders- wake up to the reality that most working moms provide extraordinary value in their respective jobs. 

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