Can Someone Please Tell Ms. Rona to Leave?

There’s no two ways about it. Covid sucks. So do masks. But what’s the alternative? ..I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and thought I’d share a quick story.

It goes like this –

If there’s someone you know who you think might benefit from hearing this story please share! And if it resonated with you please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Carol A Hayes says:

    Lucky guy, your son. Not everyone gets that second chance. So glad things went well.

  2. Colleen Cranney says:

    Spot on, Jeanine! I’m so glad your story had a happy ending.

  3. kate kennedy says:

    You told the story with facts and a point. About life being taken away. I’ll bet most people don’t think about that. They think about getting a little sick. I wear a mask. I work at a winery- all the customers are outside. I deliver wine. I have one friend that has no healthcare because her husband makes a lot o money and she does not want to pay or it. She treats me like a leper and yells at her husband to stay back rom me because” she is around people”. It’s unnerving. I’m not sure how your story and mine come together. Is it the mask thing?

    • Jeanine says:

      Thx for sharing Kate. Yes I think it’s masks but really aren’t we both talking about a need for us to “see” one another and treat each other with respect, respect for our health and humanity?

  4. Dan Nies says:

    Although I know your story too well, I am glad you shared it with the world. It is a great analogy for what we are dealing with. I do my best not to complain. Yes I still do, I am human, but I try to see the big picture and remember how lucky I am and what a small price I am paying until we get this pandemic under control. Someone that means a lot to me lost her brother in March to Covid at age 59. Nobody was with him when he died other than nurses. They were only able to have his memorial service this past weekend. Anyone complaining about masks, inconveniences and perceived curbs on their freedoms should hear your story or my friend’s and reconsider their position.

  5. Jenny Leger says:

    Jeanine, hearing your son’s story from you personally was heart wrenching from the perspective of being a mother AND one of his early childhood teachers. I cannot imagine how he, you (!) and the rest of his family made it through that difficult time. Your son’s vitality, caring and eager mind are still vivid to me. I’m so hopeful his new heart and second lease on life bring joy to him and all who love him. Your story is an important reminder for all of us to mask up as needed and to appreciate each day we are given. (Didn’t want to mention his name here in order to reflect that you did not either. Please give him and your daughter my warm best wishes and hugs when you can.) Thank you, Jeanine!

  6. LL Gastis says:

    Heart. And, Hug.

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