Speaking of.. The Donald. Where is Melania?


donald and melania

Have you noticed, Donald Trump (aka The Donald) is omnipresent these days, but his third and current wife Melania is no where to be found? And by the way, WHO is she? Am I the only one who finds her to be something of a mystery?

Well an interesting article in yesterday’s paper did a great job of delving into this very subject and here’s what they found. 

For those of you who don’t have time for the full article, in a nutshell, she’s a 29 year old former model from Slovenia who is somewhat intentionally staying in the background (for the time being) and focusing on raising their 11 year old son Barron William in New York. While she’s doing mom duties Trump’s campaign has made Donald’s daughter Ivanka (from his first marriage to Ivana Trump) his “campaign spouse” of the moment. The thinking being that she’s grown up in the media glare and so she’s better trained to deal with the public scrutiny, campaign questions et al.

This much I know. ..And now you do too.

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