Sometimes, Even When It’s Not Broke, You Ought To Consider Fixing It.

I know everything seems to be working fine. This isn’t a good time. There are a million other things your business needs to deal with first and besides, no one is complaining about the existing product or service. So why would you need to think about making a change?

Given today’s uber competitive marketplace, you always need to be mindful that your customers are just one click away from the things they want when they want them. It’s never been easier for a once loyal customer to choose a competitors product over yours simply because yours has become dated in their eyes. You’ve lost your mojo.

This isn’t about change for changes sake. It’s about being forward thinking. If you wait until you’ve lost customers, or customers have started complaining about your product or service, you’ve waited too long.

Part of your company’s mission should be to continually challenge yourselves to look critically at your business and your products features. Is there a feature that should be enhanced? Is there something that should be removed, – even though you haven’t received complaints? Is there something you can be doing to improve the customer experience?

It’s better to ask yourself these questions in advance than to play catch up with your customers in the future.

 So get after it!

..This much I know.


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