5 Reasons Why You Need: theSkimm

the skimm

theSkimm is my recommendation for “must have” site of the month! (Second only to this site of course.)

What it is:

A daily newsletter that goes out at 5:59 a.m. each morning with Reader’s Digest-sized bites of the day’s most important stories. Each blurb features a brief synopsis of the news, some background and analysis, and the takeaway, or as the name suggests, theSkimm. The goal is to give you just enough to keep you up on current events and give you something pithy and smart to say during cocktail hour.

5 Reasons why you need it:

1. It’s short

2. It’s witty

3. It’s free

4. It’s relatable

5. It’s in you inbox to start you day.

What’s not to love?

Check it out here.

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